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Special Oral Devices

Not only can your Coppell prosthodontist replace missing teeth with dentures, partials, bridges, and dental implants, but he can also create prosthetics that mimic the soft tissues and bones of the face and mouth. Patients who have deformities of the mouth, face, or neck, whether due to birth defects, trauma, surgery, or cancer, can benefit from Dr. Lee’s expertise in creating intraoral devices. These special prosthetics can restore the functionality of your mouth and improve the esthetics of your facial appearance, allowing you to regain your quality of life.

What types of facial and oral deformities can my Coppell prosthodontist treat?

Dr. Lee has undergone advanced training and regularly attends continuing education courses to provide the most modern prosthodontic treatments available. He can create intraoral devices to help correct cleft lip or cleft palate so that patients born with these conditions can speak and eat normally. He can also replace tissues lost due to traumatic injury, including car accidents or gunshot wounds. Defects that are due to surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy to stop cancer or other diseases can also be corrected with prosthetic restorations. With Dr. Lee’s compassionate care and expertise in the field of prosthodontics, you can regain your ability to function optimally and go about your daily life with confidence.

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