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Are you embarrassed to smile or speak in public because of missing teeth? You may not know that those unsightly gaps not only affect your appearance and self-esteem, they can also contribute to poor oral and overall health. Without tooth replacement, the teeth that remain in your mouth will move into the open spaces and become crooked. Your newly-misaligned teeth will bear the forces of biting and chewing unevenly, causing abnormal wear and possible breakage. You may also experience bruxism, or teeth grinding, as a result of your misalignment, which can lead to TMJ disorder, tooth damage, and even tooth loss. A fixed dental bridge created by your prosthodontist in Coppell can help prevent these problems.

What is a fixed dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic, or tooth replacement, option that fills in tooth gaps, restoring your appearance and ability to eat and speak comfortably. A bridge consists of a replacement tooth or a few replacement teeth that are connected, which are anchored in the mouth by attaching to crowns placed on the teeth surrounding the gap. These surrounding teeth are called abutments.

Why would I choose a fixed bridge?

A fixed bridge is often chosen over a partial denture because it is securely anchored in the mouth and not removable. This added stability gives patients more confidence, as they need not worry about their prosthetics slipping while they eat, smile, or speak. Many patients will choose a bridge over dental implants because the procedure for placing a bridge does not require surgery or a lengthy recovery time.

How is a fixed dental bridge placed?

Dr. Lee will first prepare the abutment teeth so that crowns can be placed on them. He will reduce the tooth structure until he achieves the proper shape for optimal fit and bonding of the crowns. Next, he will make an impression of your teeth and send it to an excellent dental laboratory to construct your crown and bridge system. Your handcrafted custom bridge will then be placed by cementing the crowns to your abutment teeth, bridging the gap and restoring you to full oral functioning.

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